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deep work package

Let's make therapy truly fit your needs.

Sometimes the 50-minute weekly session seems to fail us in therapy. Some hearts need more space and time to open up and dig into what is there. Sometimes we would like the opportunity to spread out our thoughts and see them through to the end, without feeling the rush and anxiety of hearing the therapist say “and that’s all the time we have” right at the moment we finally felt ready to put words to a thought. Sometimes it takes us 30 minutes just to settle into the room and our bodies before we can get to work. The 50-minute session was designed to work with the 8-hour work week and our hour-by-hour schedules. It was designed by the insurance company that wants to limit costs and increase productivity.  Do more with less, faster and more efficiently. 


But that’s not how our hearts and relationships work. 


If you see a therapist for a year, you will likely have around 40 sessions. Rather than scheduling once a week indefinitely, consider a deep work package. This is a way of working with me that prioritizes where you are at in this therapeutic journey. When we let therapy unfold naturally, 3-hour sessions may be ideal, followed by some one-hour sessions and then a retreat Or maybe we know we are going to really dig deep and stay until we come out the other side so a 5-hour block of time makes sense. Perhaps what we really want is 15-minute meditation sessions every day for a week. Or a 30-minute check-in to get some parenting advice. It’s all therapy and what makes sense depends on your heart, your mind and your life. 


A deep work package allows you the option to pay a set amount for a certain amount of hours. We will have an initial session to get an idea of how we might want to use the hours, ranging from one long intensive weekend retreat to participating in group work to mini-meditation sessions. We will design a therapy program that works best for you. 


It is an investment in a different way to think about your therapy, your healing, your transition, and your life. I believe deeply that by setting up a therapy rhythm and space that meets you where you are at, we can do so much more. I want to help you move through it in a way that is best for you. 

the possibilities are endless. let's take care of you.

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