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my musings

this moment is for you.

Usually when we think about self care we go big. I need to exercise every day. Go see my doctor. Get 8 hours of sleep. Work less. Play more. Go hiking. Yes to all of these things for sure. But they are also big things that require time and resources. Things that we are often failing at, feel bad about and have guilt about not doing. I want to change the idea of self care to focus on micromoments in our lives.

This moment is for you. Your body. It is about soothing your nervous system in this moment. This tiny moment. It is about our senses in the here and now and what soothes us. Self care is tender loving care of our own body. Right now. It shouldn't take a ton of resources. It is something I can do 100 times a day. It energizes and soothes and restores.

Think about your five senses. Sight, Hearing, Tasting, Feeling, Touching. These body sensations link to our nervous system to either activate or soothe out internal system. Think about what it feels like in your body to listen to soft classical or spa music, versus blasting grunge rock. What happens when you smooth your favorite lotion over your hands and neck. Stare into a candle flame. Smell rosemary or soil. Rub your favorite blanket.

Everyone’s system is different. A smell that is soothing to one person might be activating to another. Some people might love the sound of rain and other might feel anxiety about it. Self care is about knowing our own nervous systems and what feels good to us. And then surrounding ourselves with these things in a way that allows us to use them throughout the day.

Explore your five senses and make a self care recipe box. Make sure you get into each of the five. What kinds of visuals (a favorite photo, candle flame, clean countertops, the way light filters off your hummingbird feeder); smells (lotions, candles, fresh herbs); sounds (running water, music playlists, bird sounds); touch (favorite blanket materials, oils, holding stones); tastes (cool water, chocolate, mint). Experiment and then write out a list of your particular sensual preferences. Then dedicate some time to gather these things so they are accessible to you.

You are ready to take easy moments just for you. Throughout every day to reset, restore and rejuvenate your nervous system.

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