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group retreats


group retreats

I offer retreats several times a year to small, intimate groups of individuals or couples. Retreats are all-inclusive therapeutic opportunities for you to join me in a beautiful location and explore your own self-growth. Examples of retreat topics are “Working with our Nervous Systems” “Finding Joy in Ourselves” “Women and Money” “Authoring our Relationships” and “Joy of Parenthood” 

personal retreats

Personal retreats allow us to carve out the time and space in our therapy to deep dive into whatever is in your heart. Typically they are two 5 hour days but we can build whatever you need. Retreats can be held at my office, in our space, or in a separate location we choose. These are perfect for couples in crisis either considering separation or initiating divorce,  families in reunification or  individuals on the brink of change or transition. A personal retreat can help anyone, team, partnership, or family who wants to prioritize the space and time to hold and work through whatever transition they have ahead of them.

upcoming retreats

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