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insurance & finances

Therapy is an investment in you. The work is hard and deep and nurturing, but it has a cost. It requires your time, your attention, your heart and your finances. In order for it to really work, and to bring deep and lasting change to your life, it has to be sustainable in all of these ways. And I get it, we all want to get the best therapy we can find, and preferably it would be free, or mostly free, through our insurance. But using insurance can limit your ability to choose the right therapist for you or design the best therapy rhythm for you. 


At this point in time I am only in network with Pacific Source, Aetna, and First Choice. I will be ending these contracts as of July 1, 2024. Until then, these plans can be used ONLY for traditional 50 minute sessions. Any retreat, group, extended sessions that you choose to do will need to be paid for privately as your insurance company will not cover more than one therapeutic hour per day. You will need to OPT OUT of your insurance to access these forms of therapy with me. 


Outside of these three plans, you will need to access your own out of network benefits. You will pay my full rate and I will provide you with a super bill so that your plan can reimburse you directly. I will not seek reimbursement on your behalf. 

regular rates

50 minute session: individual - 265.00; couples - 275.00

50 minute parent coaching for non-clients (up to 4) - 300.00

Extended sessions, day time hours 275 per hour, 300 per hour for weekend or evening hours.

Personal retreats, 1500-2500, plus expenses depending on location.

Group retreats, 1500-3000 depending on retreat.

Group work - price varies depending on number of participants and length of group.

Meditation groups. Free for active clients.

deep work package rates

(Includes built-in extras like weekly prompts, phone check-ins, and one free quarterly group, which can be paid in monthly installments.)

20 hours - 5500

30 hours - 8000

40 hours - 10000

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