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family work

Best Therapist in Portland

At the heart of us all, is our family.

Family work can come in all shapes and sizes. I work with many different types of family dynamics such as poly families, parent/adult child relationships, clarification and repair in cases of abuse, and divorce/co-parenting/blending families. Each complex unit deserves the attention, time and care needed to let all parties feel heard and tended to, in order to find or build a new healthy version of “family”. Usually, I recommend that we do this work in extended sessions. It is hard, if not impossible to hold space for multiple people in a 50-minute session. Three-hour sessions may be ideal, or we may even set up a “family retreat”. We will start with an initial consultation, likely including 50-minute sessions with each party before coming together as a group.

let's find your new healthy version of "family"

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