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group work

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Growth in Community with Others

Nourish your soul and feed your hunger for connection, intimacy and community with other women, men or couples in a small group setting. You will join four to six others in a safe and warm space, perfect for diving deep into your inner work or stretching yourself towards new growth opportunities. These groups are usually designed to run for a minimum of one year, with either monthly, bimonthly or quarterly gatherings. The ongoing nature of these groups allow for relationship building and trust within the group. In addition, you will receive weekly prompts to support your work and exploration between sessions. 

Group sessions are typically 4 hours and held in person. Groups may have a theme such as divorce, parenting, finding ourselves, tending to our nervous systems or building intimacy. Or I may invite a specific group of clients that I think might work well together on a topic at the heart of their therapy. If you would like to be part of a group and don't see one here that feels right to you, talk to me. We might just create the perfect group together!

we are all hungry for connection.
find community here.

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