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parenting work

Best Therapist in Portland

I never knew joy could actually hurt, until I became a mom.

Parenting work is one of my favorite ways of supporting families.  While I rarely work directly with kiddos, I love to support parents in supporting their kids. Parenting is a mind-boggling mix of wonder and fear, joy and anxiety, frustration and glee. Our kids are constantly changing and just when we figure out what they need and how to care for them, they change, level up and need us to catch up again. Our kids' needs, behaviors and struggles are confusing, frustrating and often scary. On top of that, we have our own needs and worries to take care of. And at the end of the day, under all these worries and needs, what we really want is a loving, secure relationship with our children. Whether you have specific challenges, or you just want someone on your side to help you think through your identity, philosophy and strategies, I’m here for you. Let’s work together to shore up your resources, find joy and love in your parenting life and help everyone in your family really thrive.


Often one-hour sessions are perfect for parenting sessions. Most parents start weekly but then move to biweekly, monthly or even quarterly to continue to get support as they work with their kids and families. Because I often have a waiting list and the need for parent support can feel urgent I do offer a “Parent coaching” option of up to 4 sessions on a more immediate basis. These are billed at 300 an hour and are not billable to insurance.

ready to enjoy your kids more?

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