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extended sessions

Healing and growth take time. You are worth it.

50-minute sessions are the norm, but that doesn’t mean they are ideal. Anything longer than an hour is considered an extended or intensive session. Three hour sessions are my favorite. I think they allow us to get where we need to go and unfold ourselves into therapy. We might decide to start with an extended session before moving into weekly one hour sessions, or we might decide that two hours works best for your rhythm. Really, I find that longer and less frequent sessions are better for just about anyone in therapy, but they are particularly ideal for couples work, diving deep into trauma, exploring family dynamics, or working through feelings of stuckness at work or relationships. Therapy with teens and parents can work well in chunks of three hours, with the teen taking as much time as they want and then folding the parents into a family session.  


While extended sessions are hands down better for therapy, insurance companies will not cover them, even partially.

ready to take the time you need?

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