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frequently asked questions

  • Foundation Table
    For women who are at the stage of building a foundation with their money and careers, this group will focus on finding financial security, money education, building a cash flow system, debt management and vision building. Monthly pod meetings, weekly prompts and monthly therapy support their journey.
  • Growth Mindset Table
    With a sound financial basis, these women are ready to level up their business and finances. Emotional empowerment, breaking through psychological barriers, and exploring relationship dynamics with partners and finance help bring her vision to fruition. Monthly pod coaching, weekly prompts, office hours with a financial coach, and in-depth therapy support their journey.
  • The Greatness Table
    Financially secure and ready to stand strong in their own greatness, these women are ready to take themselves and visions to the next level. Integrated Therapeutic Executive Coaching, private vision building retreats and financial advising and coaching help her to level up, find blind spots and support her growth.
  • The Higher Purpose Table
    With high earning, investments, and wealth systems in place, these women often struggle with the same feelings, tethers, limitations, and fears. A wellness Concierge and Financial concierge program will help her to identify and wrap around any blind spots that may be holding her back from actualizing her full purpose and potential.
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