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Empowering women to not only come to the table. But own it

Darci Walker and Annie Book

The journey begins...

After 20 years of working with women in therapy, I have witnessed something that seems almost universal. A painful and shame-filled, avoidant and anxious relationship with money.  I have seen time and time again how women’s relationship with money holds them back. On one hand, women feel trapped, stuck, or stifled in relationships with partners, bosses, or family because they don't feel empowered financially.  And on the other hand, we hit barriers in financial growth because of emotional blocks, fears, anxieties, and beliefs that are so deep in our bones we barely even know how to talk about it. Women go to therapy and won’t talk about money and then go to financial advisors and won’t talk about feelings. 


But what if we talked about feelings and money together? Her Table Wealth and Wellness, LLC is the combined heart’s work of Annie Book, Financial Advisor, and Darci Walker, Psychologist. We are creating a space for women to do both the therapeutic work and the financial work of empowering themselves with their money and their lives. We want to create a space that women can not only come to the table, but they come to deeply understand that it is HER table. And that table has two sides to it. One one side sits the finances. And on the other side sits our wellness. 


And when we put them together…Magic Happens. Understanding the psychology of our relationship with money and having both therapeutic and financial support around it is gold. Transformation happens. New doors open up. New visions come to fruition and women step up to their own table in a mighty way. 

ready to start?

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when money is in the hands of women who are empowered...

Amazing things happen. Businesses grow. Relationships get cared for. Hearts mend.

Those women can be more authentic in their relationships with their loved ones.

Businesses come to life.

Creativity prospers and the world changes.

Future generations get to inherit a healthy relationship with money.

Over the next generation, money will be moving into the hands of women at an unprecedented rate. This shift is long overdue and we are ready for it! We want to empower every woman to be ready too.

Let’s make it happen!

Her Table Wealth & Wellness Retreats

Your Journey

Her Table Wealth and Wellness is committed to offering services to any woman who is ready to change her relationship with money. Each woman starts with a Journey Begins retreat. This weekend retreat brings women at all income levels together to explore the emotions, beliefs, limitations, and experiences surrounding the money. This is a weekend of understanding, growth, exploration, and connection around women’s experiences with money. After the retreat, Her Table members will embark on a year’s journey that is specific to each member’s needs. Her Table has four levels of membership journeys.

  • Foundation Table
    For women who are at the stage of building a foundation with their money and careers, this group will focus on finding financial security, money education, building a cash flow system, debt management and vision building. Monthly pod meetings, weekly prompts and monthly therapy support their journey.
  • Growth Mindset Table
    With a sound financial basis, these women are ready to level up their business and finances. Emotional empowerment, breaking through psychological barriers, and exploring relationship dynamics with partners and finance help bring her vision to fruition. Monthly pod coaching, weekly prompts, office hours with a financial coach, and in-depth therapy support their journey.
  • The Greatness Table
    Financially secure and ready to stand strong in their own greatness, these women are ready to take themselves and visions to the next level. Integrated Therapeutic Executive Coaching, private vision building retreats and financial advising and coaching help her to level up, find blind spots and support her growth.
  • The Higher Purpose Table
    With high earning, investments, and wealth systems in place, these women often struggle with the same feelings, tethers, limitations, and fears. A wellness Concierge and Financial concierge program will help her to identify and wrap around any blind spots that may be holding her back from actualizing her full purpose and potential.

Upon completion of the yearlong program, all women from the Journey Begins retreat group will return for the Finish Line retreat. This is a celebration of our successes, sharing our new table and the bounty each woman has created. This is also a time to define the next year’s work. Some may have more work to do at the table they are currently working in, and some may be ready to level up!

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