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my musings

what are you aching for?

What are you hungry for? What do you yearn for in the deepest caves of your heart. In the silent buzzing that reverberates through your soul, seeps out of your eyes with every tear. What does your skin ache to drink in, pull into itself devouring. What are you hungry for, what do you long for, what does your heart wish for in the darkest of nights.

If you allow this wordless part of you to speak, this silent part of you to whisper softly into the ears you have deep within your belly, what would it say? If you closed your eyes and felt the breath travel throughout your body and you listened with all of your cells and invited your dreams to whisper sweet secrets into your deep knowing, what would you hear? What truth would you allow yourself to become aware of?

What are you hungry for? The intimacy of deep friendship? Quietude? Spirituality? Touch? Passion? Growth? A new identity? A life without fear? Trust? Safety?

What are you hungry for?

And now imagine that you said yes.

YES to this hunger. YES to this deep wanting, needing. YES to this thing that your heart of heart risked everything to whisper in your ear.


Imagine saying yes.


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